Project Description

Terry and Susan Korsiak were looking for a new image for their Land Use Planning company, Korsiak & Co. Their logo and colour scheme (blue & green) had been around for 15 years, since the company’s inception, and it had become stale and dated. It was time for a change. The focus was to create a logo with more depth and movement, with a graphic element that related to planning / engineering, and a built-in tagline to explain what the company did.

“We love our new logo. It’s strong, clean, and bold. We also really liked the colour combination you suggested. It’s perfect, thanks!”
— Susan Korsiak, Korsiak & Co.

“Wow! What an improvement! The new website looks great. I love the colours you chose and all the different pieces you’ve created fit so well together.”
— Terry Korsiak, Korsiak & Co.

Project Details

Client: Korsiak

Tags: Branding, Design, Website

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